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The new Combilux metal greenhouse for Margheriti Plants: features and advantages

Margheriti Piante

The Combilux metal greenhouse just built for the Margheriti Piante company has been designed to cultivate different varieties of Mediterranean plants, from small plants to adult specimens. Like all Combilux greenhouses, this is a technological greenhouse, which can be opened fully automatically and is built without the use of cement. Thanks to this new system, Margheriti Piante can now cultivate plants of the most varied species and sizes.

The Combilux metal greenhouse for Margheriti Piante

The Margheriti Piante company is located between Tuscany and Umbria and, for over forty years, has been involved in the cultivation of plants of all kinds. Today it represents an international point of reference in the nursery field and, always looking to the future, has chosen Artigianfer for the construction of a Combilux metal greenhouse to grow plants of different species.

From these premises began the work that led to the creation of a technological, efficient and innovative greenhouse. All Combilux greenhouses by Artigianfer are versatile and can be adapted to the needs of modern farmers and nurserymen; they are made with the most advanced materials and can be made of all sizes.

Here are all the features of the Combilux metal greenhouse designed for Margheriti Piante.