Guide to horticulture greenhouses: what they are and what they are for
Garden center greenhouses: opportunities and uses

Garden Center:
what they are and how to build them

Garden centers are large buildings where plants, flowers and any other gardening accessories and tools are sold. 

But how are they built? What are the most suitable materials for roofing and covering? Which parameters should be evaluated before making a choice? In this article we will answer all these questions and find out what is currently the best solution.

Greenhouses for showrooms and garden centers

To choose the greenhouses for garden centers, it is necessary to know in detail the customer's needs: the type of greenery that will be set up inside, the desired size, the type of equipment for garden centers that will be needed and many other variables.

On the basis of this information, Artigianfer creates real high-tech showrooms, ensuring a climate suitable for both plants and people who will visit the garden center.

And now let's find out in detail how garden centers are built: read on to discover the best solution!

What materials to use for a garden center

Garden centers can be made with different types of materials. Usually, since it will have to accommodate people who see it and enter from outside, they have external cover of glass panels or sandwich panels, which will give a more pleasant effect.

As for the perimeter panels, they can be made of both plastic and glass, which is generally preferred because they are commercial structures. 

The showroom of a garden center must in fact be welcoming for the people who visit it but also respect the needs of the plants it houses.

Soon we will go into detail and understand if it is better to choose a plastic or glass garden center.

Read on and discover the best solutions for small or large garden centers!

Roof and covers for garden center

The choice of covering and roofing varies mainly according to the size of the structure.

Here are the best solutions for small or large garden centers.

piccolo center

Small Garden Center solutions

If you have to build a small garden center, of course the needs will be smaller, especially from the point of view of indoor ventilation and indoor air exchange. The covers can therefore be made of both plastic and glass.

In addition, a small garden center does not necessarily need side panels that can be opened.

grande center

Big Garden Center solutions

If we talk about larger garden centers, obviously the needs increase, but the most important thing of all is to ensure perfect ventilation. To respond to this primary need, the ideal solution is to adopt the roof of the Combilux Greenhouse, a particular type of greenhouse of which Artigianfer has the international patent. 

The Combilux greenhouse has the particularity of being able to be realized in a partially or fully openable version. It is an extremely flexible and versatile solution, which responds well to the needs of large spaces such as garden centers.

Artigianfer realizes this type of structure with the most modern materials of the greenhouse sector and sets them up with sophisticated and highly technological systems, which allow to control and manage every parameter.

Garden Centers realized by Artigianfer

Margheriti Piante

margheriti per garden center

The structure realized for Margheriti Piante is a Combilux metal greenhouse, highly technological and fully automatic opening. Designed to accommodate plants of various species and sizes, it was built without cement.

Garden Ghisa

garden ghisa per garden center

The Combilux greenhouse realized for Garden Ghisa is completely openable and designed to offer the best environment for the cultivation of flowers and plants of all kinds. The greenhouse is equipped with systems to minimize waste and save water.