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What is the hydroponic farming and why it is so convenient for the eco-sustainability?

The hydroponic system is a particular method of culture without or outside soil. Is it convenient? Is it useful even when we have to deal with hectares of land? How the plants can find the mineral salts and the right nutrients? Are the products good? Let’s find out together, step by step.

How does the hydroponic system works in greenhouses

The hydroponic system in greenhouses includes a lot of different technologies. It gives you the possibility to cultivate all year round. The terms “hydroponic” derives from Greek and means, in a few words, “spin water”. By this special system, growers can get a larger harvest, thank to specifically studied solutions and various nutrients.

Plants refuel of water and elements like potassium, magnesium, iron by the administration of a mineral nutrient solution. Very soft materials, like expanded clay aggregate or coconut fiber, are usually used as the basis.

In the hydroponic greenhouse products are 100% natural. Moreover, antagonistic insects are used in the place of chemical agents to fight parasites. Everything to obtain good products, available for all the year.

What are the benefits?

Many people working in agriculture may wonder “Is hydroponic farming profitable?” and “What are the differences between this and the traditional systems?” The answer is simple: because hydroponic system is the best way to respect the planet, it doesn’t waste heat and allows to grow quality and amount of the products.

You can waste less, thank to drip irrigation and rainwater recovery. Moreover, there is also an efficient use of fertilizers and a greater control of plant health, that at the end are recycled as fertilizer.

To sum it up: work optimization, eco-sustainability and revenue growth.

They are all really good reasons, don’t you agree?

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Why hydroponic system is more convenient with Artigianfer?

Artigianfer has been dealing with the industrial greenhouse production and sale since 1966. Its history is handed down from father to son, through three generations.

The company today is the leader in Italy in turnkey greenhouse construction and one of the most important activity in all over the world. The company makes modern and technological products.

Artigianfer holds the quality certificate ISO 9001 and UNI EN 1090-1 for the CE marking and it is the only italian greenhouse manufacturers recognised as a Steel Processing Centre (Centro di trasformazione dell’acciaio) authorised by the Supreme Council of Public Works.

Sfera is a classical example of all we said first: it is the largest hydroponic greenhouse in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. The greenhouse, realized by Artigianfer, thank to its high technologics, allows a very important growth of the productivity (15 times better) and a very high water saving. It represents a turning point in the world of agriculture, a success that brings together business and sustainability.

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