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Guide to horticulture greenhouses: what they are and what they are for

Hydroponic crops:
which vegetables to grow?

The best vegetables for hydroponic crops

When we talk about hydroponic crops, we are referring to a highly sustainable cultivation technique: the plants are grown outside the soil and they do not need irrigation but only a nutrient solution to grow. 

Less use of fertilizers and chemicals, high product quality and water savings are just some of the advantages of hydroponic cultivation.

Artigianfer, which has always been attentive to sustainability and technological developments in its sector, has given ample space to research in the field of hydroponic crops and in 2019 it created Sfera, the largest hydroponic greenhouse in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.

But are hydroponic greenhouses suitable for all kinds of products? Which vegetables should be grown? Here's our short guide.

Professional hydroponic greenhouses

Today we can consider hydroponic crops as the future of cultivation: the reduction of waste, reduced water consumption and limited use of chemicals lead to low environmental impact and high sustainability.

Artigianfer has developed professional hydroponic greenhouses for all types of customers, both for those already working in the sector and for those who want to start growing. Thanks to our customized and turnkey solutions, we are able to propose tailor-made projects for any need.

LED solutions for your greenhouse

Choose LED lighting for your hydroponic greenhouse: it is the most advanced, economical, sustainable and productive solution on the market.

Artigianfer, the exclusive distributor of Philips LED products for horticulture in Italy, guarantees cutting-edge technology and customized solutions to modernize your greenhouse.

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