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Sfera, the largest hydroponic greenhouse in Italy:
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Sfera is the largest hydroponic greenhouse in Italy: our turnkey project is highly technological and marks a real turning point in the world of greenhouse cultivation. Sfera is located in Gavorrano, near Grosseto, and is a hydroponic greenhouse that guarantees a productivity 15 times higher and a saving of water of 80-90%, compared to open field cultivation. 

The 13 hectares of planting on a 22-hectare lot are a concentrate of high technology: the Hi-Tech system ensure a constant production of vegetables (tomatoes, salads and aromatic herbs), always of high quality and protected from contamination by mercury, chrome and nickel.

Sfera is the largest turnkey hydroponic Termolux greenhouse project in Italy and today represents the prototype that aims to innovate the business model, the processes and the products of the agricultural sector, in the name of sustainability.

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Hydroponic greenhouse, for an eco-sustainable future

It is becoming more and more evident that hydroponic cultivation in greenhouses is the key to reach a sustainable agriculture. It is in fact a cultivation system that allows a very high water saving (thanks to drip irrigation and rainwater recovery), an efficient use of fertilizers and a greater control of plant health. 

Producing more and producing better is also important to face the problem of the increase in the world population: if it is true that in 2050 we will be twice as many on Earth, as declared by the UN, it is essential to start producing more with less waste of resources. Hydroponic greenhouses also save space and allow us to grow vegetables without diseases, thanks to the use of antagonistic insects to fight plant pests. This means better products, zero residue and available all year round.

serra metallica Combilux

The Artigianfer project: a high-tech hydroponic turnkey greenhouse

Sfera is therefore the perfect example of how a technological greenhouse can respond to increasingly complex environmental and production needs. The Tuscan hydroponic greenhouse will be a model that will be used as an example to launch a network of similar structures around the world: today in Italy there are about one hundred hectares of hydroponic cultivation in greenhouses but the goal is to grow fastly.

Artigianfer has always been committed to the development of innovative solutions: we use cutting-edge materials, we are specialized in eco-sustainable and energy self-sufficient buildings, we seek excellence and we use technology in a sustainable way. For this reason we are particularly proud of the Sfera project and we are convinced that it will not remain an isolated example.

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LED solutions for your greenhouse

Choose LED lighting for your hydroponic greenhouse: it is the most advanced, economical, sustainable and productive solution on the market.

Artigianfer, the exclusive distributor of Philips LED products for horticulture in Italy, guarantees cutting-edge technology and customized solutions to modernize your greenhouse.

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