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Climate control inside agricultural greenhouses is fundamental: through this parameter it is possible to control temperature, humidity and other key factors for the growth of plants and vegetables.

Fortunately, today climate computers in agricultural greenhouses are very advanced and allow us to manage everything with the utmost precision.

Here are all Artigianfer's solutions for climate control in agricultural greenhouses.

What is meant by climate control in agricultural greenhouses

Agricultural production in greenhouses is closely linked to indoor climatic conditions. Creating the optimal microclimate for the different plant species requires an advanced management system that involves a very wide range of parameters: temperature, CO2 concentration, light and humidity are just some of the factors that influence the production of plants and vegetables.

Thanks to new technologies today there is the possibility to set each of these parameters in a very precise way and especially to control them in real time and modify them if the production does not respond as it should. Artigianfer has developed modern climate computers for agricultural greenhouses, for intelligent and automated management. 

Let's discover now what is possible to control thanks to the new technologies.

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Agricultural greenhouse heating

The heating system is the heart of an agricultural greenhouse and must have very precise characteristics in order to meet the different needs: it must in fact guarantee the ideal temperature for the growth of plants in every period of the year.

Generally, the heating systems of an agricultural greenhouse are made up of three components: the heat generator, the heat distribution system and the thermoregulation.

Artigianfer develops its own heating systems analyzing first of all the geographical and agronomic parameters that determine the needs of the production: only in this way we are sure to design the system for the climatic control in the greenhouse able to meet the real needs of each customer.

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Agricultural greenhouse cooling systems

Although the first thought of growers is how to heat a greenhouse, it is just as important to have the ability to keep temperatures down. Cooling an agricultural greenhouse is necessary in all areas of the world where very high temperatures are reached, but not only. In the whole Mediterranean area, including Italy, during the summer season it can be very hot.

To avoid damages to the crops, therefore, it is essential to have an efficient and advanced greenhouse cooling system.

Artigianfer has built greenhouses all over the world, from the Middle East to North Africa, thus gaining great experience in the implementation of internal cooling systems for greenhouses.

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Cooling systems for agricultural greenhouses

The cooling systems in agricultural greenhouses are of great importance because they allow us to manage the humidity level accurately.

The system involves the installation of evaporating panels at one end of the greenhouse and fans at the other end: in this way, by attracting the external air inside the structure through the panel, fresh air is introduced inside the greenhouse. 

Over the years Artigianfer has developed a system of fans and cooling panels of the latest generation that allow to filter the air coming from outside, lowering the temperature. 

Thanks to the cooling system, in our agricultural greenhouses the cooled air is spread evenly and kept constant.

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Fog systems for agricultural greenhouses

An alternative to the cooling system to maintain the right level of humidity inside the agricultural greenhouses is to use high and low pressure fog systems.

These are nebulisation systems placed inside the greenhouse: they are generally placed in suspension over the crops and, depending on the needs of the different crops, are programmed to cool the environment through jets of water. In a few words, a suspended irrigation system that allows us to reach the necessary humidity level in a uniform way.

Artigianfer's fog systems for agricultural greenhouses are all controllable by very advanced computers that allow to distribute humidity uniformly inside the whole greenhouse.

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Shading and insulation of agricultural greenhouses

Solar radiation can be considered one of the most important environmental variables in greenhouse crops: it influences photosynthesis processes, water and energy balances, crop development and many other factors.

Thanks to the shading systems for agricultural greenhouses, it is possible to manage the diurnal and nocturnal cycles according to the needs of the crops. For example, some particularly delicate plants may need to be exposed to little sunlight during the day. 

Moreover, through an insulation system, in the agricultural greenhouses it is possible to keep the heat produced by the sun rays during the day.

Artigianfer realizes shading and insulation systems for agricultural greenhouses of all sizes, using shading panels or screens according to the needs.

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Agricultural greenhouse climate computers

Temperature, humidity and lighting in agricultural greenhouses are all variables that can be controlled and managed with extreme precision thanks to climate computers for agricultural greenhouses.

Artigianfer, year after year, has developed an increasingly complex and sophisticated technology that has led to the birth of automation systems easy to manage and incredibly accurate. This means that any farmer can control in full autonomy and with a few clicks the parameters of their greenhouse, constantly checking the progress of crops and changing the settings if necessary.

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Who to contact for climate control of agricultural greenhouses

The climatic control in the agricultural greenhouses is therefore extremely important to get the best possible results from your crops. 

Artigianfer, thanks to its advanced and technological climate control systems, offers the possibility to manage temperature, humidity and lighting in a precise way. For over thirty five years we have been working in the greenhouse sector: we have realized every kind of agricultural greenhouse and, year after year, we have invested in technological research and developed more and more sophisticated computerized systems. In this way we are able to create a natural bioclimate for every kind of cultivation.

Today we are able to offer each customer a customized solution for his needs.

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