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Garden center greenhouses:
opportunities and uses

The garden center greenhouses are structures with a great aesthetic impact, within which all kinds of products related to the world of gardening and floriculture are sold. But what exactly can we find inside a garden center? Can they represent a good investment for those who already have a nursery? 

Let's find out how to open a garden center right now and what opportunities it can offer.

The garden center and gardening market

The sector of gardening and nursery is constantly expanding. Italy, for example, has very positive numbers: if in the two-year period 2017-2019 we have seen an increase of 100 million euros in the sector, some studies tell us that the trend will remain positive until 2022, with an estimated average growth of 6.4%.

Europeans, in short, are more and more interested in gardening, nursery and everything related to this sector. The world of greenery is part of an increasingly widespread common feeling, the one oriented to environmental sustainability, recycling, energy saving.

In this perspective, garden center greenhouses represent a place that attracts more and more visitors and customers.

What to include in a garden center

But what exactly can we find in a garden center? Certainly plants, vases, everything you need for gardening but not only.

Here is an overview of what a well structured and organized garden center can offer.

Bulbs and Seeds

Bulbs and seeds are products that you can certainly buy in a garden center

Both can be grown both in vases and in soil, without the need of special soil but with the right care for each species, that have different needs and characteristics. In general, bulbs are easier to grow and more resistant to both cold and drought.

Inside the most well-stocked garden centers you can find different varieties to dedicate yourself to floriculture on the terrace or in the garden: tulips, daffodils, irises and crocus are just some of the most common species.

Plants and flowers

If you prefer to buy plants and flowers that have already grown, you will also find them in the garden center greenhouses

In this case, however, it is essential that the structure is built in such a way as to ensure its survival and well-being: inside the garden center it must be possible to create the appropriate bioclimate for the coexistence of plants and people, managing lighting, temperature and irrigation.

The flowers and plants that you will find in a garden center are really countless: you can find indoor, outdoor, ornamental, garden or fruit plants.

Christmas: decorations and accessories

When you start to enter the Christmas atmosphere, visiting a well-stocked garden center will be a magical experience. 

There are garden centers that practically turn into Christmas villages!

Inside these structures in fact you can find everything you need to decorate your home, store or any place you want to fill with the magic of Christmas. You will find trees of all sizes, decorations for the house, for the outdoors and for the tree but also all kinds of light.

Gardening & Garden Furniture

Of course, you can't miss everything about gardening.

In fact, garden centers host large departments where you will find any kind of tool, machinery such as mesh, protections and covers, but not only. You will also find every kind of decoration to make your garden more welcoming: artificial lakes, vases and planters, fountains and statues.

In addition, each garden center has a department dedicated to garden furniture with tables, chairs, gazebos, lighting and all kinds of furniture to turn a garden into a beautiful outdoor living room.

Above ground pools

Having a swimming pool in the garden is the dream of many, but it is believed to be too demanding and expensive to realize. Above ground pools, in fact, are ideal for those looking for a practical, simple, fast and not too expensive solution to create an oasis of fun in the garden.

In the garden center greenhouses you will find everything you need to set up an above-ground pool. There are all kinds of models both in terms of size and characteristics and material used, including deluxe models even equipped with hydromassage.

Home and heating systems

The most well-stocked and structured garden centers not only offer products for gardening and floriculture, but also objects for the interior of the house such as accessories, decorations, small furniture and even bedclothes, gift ideas and utensils for bathroom and kitchen: in short, everything that could be useful in the home.

In addition, in a garden center there is everything that can be used for heating the house, from pellet stoves to humidifiers, including of course all the tools for maintenance and repair.

Bricolage and DIY

The garden center greenhouses are the ideal place for all those who love to devote themselves to DIY.

In fact, you will find every kind of tool, utensil and material to carry out small domestic maintenance and repair work but also to enjoy artistic and creative hobbies..

Going to a garden center will allow you to find in one place everything you need in the field of construction, plumbing and electricity, useful for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Food and accessories for pets

In the garden centers now you can also find food and accessories for dogs, cats and all kinds of pets. 

Not only a wide choice of food but also everything your pet needs: whether a new leash for a dog or a decoration for a tropical aquarium, you are sure to find what you are looking for in a well-stocked garden center.

In one place, everything our pets need.

Brand and corporate image

Garden center greenhouses are therefore now multifunctional places, which not only offer their visitors everything they need for gardening and floriculture, but also provide all kinds of products for the home and for animals.

For those who already own a nursery, this is an excellent solution to give space to their products and offer customers a varied and complete shopping experience. In addition, since garden centers are usually very impressive structures from an aesthetic point of view, the nursery will have a considerable image return and can use the garden center to strengthen its identity and communicate the values of its brand.

But how to open a garden center?

How to open a Garden Center?

Opening a garden center can therefore be an excellent idea in terms of business and image but it is necessary to rely on professionals because these are very complex and large structures.

In fact, garden center greenhouses must ensure a perfect climatic balance because plants and people have to live together in them.

Artigianfer has been working in the sector for a long time and, over the years, has linked its name to the creation of important garden centers in Italy and around the world. Our structures are customized according to the real needs of the customer and, thanks to cutting-edge technology, allow to manage every parameter in a computerized way.

If you want to know more about how to open a garden center and our projects, please contact us.