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Greenhouse nursery gardening:
from cultivation to sale

Nursery gardening is a growing industry around the world, with growing numbers and many opportunities. What exactly does this term refer to? What does a floriculturist do and what kind of facilities do they use for their work? What is the difference between greenhouse nursery gardening and floriculture in nurseries? Which type to prefer and why?

In this article we will answer all these questions: we will understand what this activity consists of and how to carry it out from cultivation to sale.

What is nursery gardening

Nursery gardening is an ancient activity: man has always been attracted by the beauty and the scent of flowers but also by their properties, so much so that since the seventeenth century flowers have also become material for scientific studies.

The term nursery gardening, or floriculture, today means the professional activity of production and sale of cut flowers and plants. It is essentially divided into three major strands: cut flowers, potted plants and trees, medium and large size. Floriculturists deal with the whole process of cultivation but also marketing and sales. Cultivation can take place in pots, in the ground, in greenhouses or in outdoor gardens, depending on the type of plant and its needs.

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Greenhouse and nursery: the places where nursery gardening lives

The cultivation of plants and flowers can take place both indoors, inside greenhouses specific for this purpose, and partly indoors and partly outdoors, as it happens in nurseries.

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Nursery gardening is an activity that can be carried out inside greenhouses designed to create the natural habitat for the types of flowers and plants you want. The most modern structures allow you to accurately set different parameters including temperature, humidity and lighting. In this way, you can choose to grow almost any type of flower in a greenhouse: roses, carnations, sweet peas, gladioli, rustic plants that would be ruined by excessive humidity but also alpine plants that need cold temperatures.

Glass greenhouses represent the best choice for floriculture but also plastic ones can be an interesting solution in some cases.


A nursery, unlike a greenhouse, has both a covered and an uncovered area of suitable size for the cultivation of different plants. It is a place in which plants, flowers, fruit trees, ornamental plants and shrubs of all kinds are bred, cared for and grown. Inside a nursery you can therefore find both very young or newly born plants and adult plants, ready for sale.

Any nursery will therefore need large spaces on which to expand: the greenhouse is an indispensable structure in a nursery because there are flowers and plants that need to grow in an environment with controlled temperature, light and humidity.

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Garden Center: where to display and sell the results

Once the activity of cultivation and production is over, nursery gardening moves into garden centers for the sale of flowers and plants.

The garden centers are large structures where it is sold every kind of product related to the world of gardening: not only cut flowers, shrubs and plants, but also bulbs and seeds, large and small tools, decorations, outdoor furniture. It is therefore not only the ideal place to sell the products grown in your nursery or greenhouse but also an environment where you can introduce your brand to customers, offering them a complete shopping experience.

Garden centers are usually built inside special greenhouses that allow to create the natural habitat for the coexistence of plants and people.

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Construction greenhouses and garden centers: who to contact

Greenhouses are therefore a fundamental element for all activities related to nursery gardening, from cultivation to sales in garden centers.

For those who want to enter the sector, or for those who already work in it but want to expand and improve their offer, the best thing is to rely on a single partner who can provide all kinds of solutions.

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