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Photovoltaic greenhouses: the advantages of an eco-friendly solution

Combilux greenhouses:
our work for Ortofrutticola Vendrame

A few days ago, two Combilux greenhouses designed and built by Artigianfer for Ortofrutticola Vendrame were inaugurated. They are the perfect example of how technological greenhouses are the answer to the different needs of modern farmers. Our first Combilux greenhouse was born about two years ago from the study of the needs of our customers and today represents one of the most flexible solutions in the field of industrial technological greenhouses. Let's discover the characteristics and advantages for the different types of use.

What are Combilux greenhouses?

Combilux greenhouses are one of our most innovative products, for which we have an international patent; they mainly meet the needs of nurserymen and florists, but not only. This kind of greenhouse can be partially or fully opened, and it can be buffered with the most modern materials in the greenhouse sector, for example glass and polycarbonate.

The fact that these greenhouses are completely openable represents an incredible advantage for those involved in horticulture: the greenhouse can be completely aired and closed quickly in case of rain, wind or low temperatures. With Combilux greenhouses we create an open environment but with the possibility of closing it in case of need.

It is therefore a highly technological type of greenhouse that, thanks to its flexibility in terms of size and materials, is suitable for both greenhouse cultivation and for large spaces such as garden centers.