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Our fully openable Combilux
greenhouse for Garden Ghisa

The project realized for Garden Ghisa, a nursery near Vicenza (Italy), was born from the need of the two young entrepreneurs to invest in new technologies and build a zero impact nursery. Our Combilux greenhouses, completely openable, are in fact particularly suitable for the cultivation of flowers and plants of all kinds and allow to reduce waste and save water.

These are the characteristics and advantages of this innovative production greenhouse.

Combilux greenhouse for Garden Ghisa

Garden Ghisa has been involved in floriculture for many years and is specialized in the cultivation of flowers and plants including cyclamen, violets and primroses. The greenhouse built by Artigianfer has a rather large surface area: 4 naves of 9.60 meters in width and 16 spans of 5 meters in length, for a total of about 3000 square meters. 

It is a glass production greenhouse, with a prefabricated metal structure. The roof of the cultivation area can be completely opened and the roof of the working area is made, in a fixed way, with a Sandwich panel, suitably fixed to the metal structures.

The Combilux greenhouse is equipped with a sophisticated aeration system and an automatic shading system, both internal and external, made with a series of shading/reflecting sheets.

The project carried out so far will be completed in the coming months with the addition of another 5000 square meters block that will be used as a garden centre.

Combilux greenhouses signed Artigianfer:
an international patent

The Combilux greenhouse, on which we boast an international patent, is one of our most versatile and innovative products, capable of combining needs for functionality and different possibilities.

It is a partially or completely openable greenhouse, which can be buffered with the most modern materials in the greenhouse sector. First of all these materials is polyethylene, but even glass, polycarbonate and sandwich panels can be used. All of them, combined with each other, create a unique, custom-made greenhouse each time.

Its complete opening represents an incredible advantage for those who deal with horticulture: it allows you to completely ventilate the greenhouse and close it quickly in case of rain, wind or low temperatures.

Combilux is extremely flexible in terms of dimensions and materials, and is suitable for both greenhouse cultivation and large spaces such as garden centers. We realize them with turnkey projects, which respond exactly to the needs of each customer.

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