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Greenhouses for farming and nursery:
what they are and all the typologies

What are the farming and nursery greenhouses

The cultivation of plants and flowers requires the use of specific greenhouses for farming and nursery. They are perfectly equipped structures that guarantee the best conditions, from the point of view of climate, soil and lighting, for the growth and production of plants and flowers of all kinds. Nurseries and floriculturists today need greenhouses that make the cultivations grow in every season of the year ensuring maximum efficiency: Artigianfer, always attentive to the needs of the floriculture sector, develops innovative greenhouses for farming and nursery, tailored to each customer.

Types of greenhouses for farming and nursery

Greenhouses differ mainly in the type of material used and the internal equipment. Each greenhouse designed by our technical department is designed according to the type of cultivation and the needs of the customer, but there are basically two types of greenhouses for farming and nursery that we realize.

Glass greenhouses

Glass greenhouses have always been our flagship. Versatile, robust, resistant, they can be equipped with all types of systems and are able to contain without problems any type of flower and plant. For those working in the floriculture sector, they are now the first choice because they allow you to recreate the best conditions for the growth of any crop, even when the outside temperatures would not allow it.

Plastic greenhouses

Artigianfer's plastic greenhouses are made of polyethylene film, a very versatile and very resistant plastic material: this allows both to reduce the structures impact and costs, and to obtain the maximum brightness, a fundamental factor for the cultivation of flowers and plants. They can be equipped with any type of system and represent the best solution for those looking for a greenhouse for the production of cut flowers.

Our turnkey greenhouse for Margheriti Piante

One of our most important works in the field of greenhouses for farming and nursery is the one carried out for the company Margheriti Piante, which needed to grow at best different Mediterranean plants. We chose to design an hi-tech Combilux greenhouse with a roof that can be fully opened automatically: everything can be controlled in a computerised way. Thanks to the sophisticated shading system, in summer it is possible to obtain an excellent cooling while in winter it is possible to regulate the internal climate thanks to the heating system.

Any Artigianfer greenhouse for the production of flowers and plants is made by selecting the most suitable material and delivered turnkey.