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Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses:
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Solar energy is now widely used both in the production of hot water and for domestic heating, but it can also become part of agricultural activity. In fact, photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses allow the use of solar energy for the production of vegetables. 

The advantages of the construction of photovoltaic greenhouses to be exploited in the field of agriculture are considerable, both in economic and efficiency terms, in addition to the aspects of sustainability: the photovoltaic is in fact environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

In this article we will discover what photovoltaic greenhouses are, what they are used for and what to grow inside them.

What are photovoltaic greenhouses?

Photovoltaic greenhouses are fixed structures, anchored to the ground, which use solar energy to operate. Inside, a real protected environment is created, where you can grow flowers, plants or vegetables, in the case of photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses.

The supporting structure is usually made of aluminum or iron, depending on the needs; the walls and the roof are made of glass or plastic. The photovoltaic greenhouse contains all the control systems necessary for the cultivation of vegetables: irrigation, air conditioning and ventilation are some of the parameters that can be managed through computerized equipment.

Photovoltaic solar greenhouses can be made of any size, depending on the needs and space available.

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What are photovoltaic greenhouses for?

Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses, just like all other greenhouses, are protected environments in which you can grow flowers, plants and vegetables.

Thanks to modern computerized, precise and sophisticated technologies, it is possible to create in the greenhouse the natural habitat for every kind of vegetable: every process can be managed with extreme precision.

From heating and cooling systems to new generation water systems, which are fed by rainwater recovery, every parameter can be set to meet the real needs of cultivation.

The only difference with traditional agricultural greenhouses is the presence of photovoltaic panels on the roof, which allow to manage the greenhouse thanks only to solar energy.

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What to grow with photovoltaic greenhouses?

Thanks to the advanced technology we have today, we can create any microclimate and habitat inside photovoltaic greenhouses. This means that, in the field of agriculture, the solar greenhouse can accommodate all kinds of crops and vegetables.

Given the possibility of managing every parameter concerning temperature, humidity, lighting and irrigation, even the most delicate fruit and vegetable products, which need constant monitoring and control, can be grown in a photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse: this is the case for example of tomatoes, salads, leeks, eggplants and pumpkins. There are therefore no particular limitations to what can be grown in photovoltaic greenhouses.

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What are the advantages compared to
other types of greenhouse?

Using photovoltaic technology in the greenhouse sector has many advantages for farmers and the environment.

Choosing to use photovoltaic greenhouses for your agricultural production is therefore very advantageous both from an economic point of view and in terms of efficiency and, last but not least, sustainability.

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Who to contact to build a photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse?

About ten years ago, Artigianfer introduced the first photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses in Italy: thanks to our long experience in the greenhouse field and our attention to new renewable energies, we have developed greenhouses with integrated solar panels on the roof that have proved to be immediately efficient and sustainable.

Since then, our technical department has continuously searched for cutting-edge materials, latest generation solutions and increasingly technological systems. And it is thanks to this constant research work that our photovoltaic greenhouses today consume little and ensure an excellent yield, whatever the use that is made of them.

If you are looking for a partner for the construction of photovoltaic greenhouses, contact us: we are at your disposal to give you all the information you need.

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Artigianfer Solutions

Termolux Solar 

Termolux Solar is a plastic multi-span greenhouse with a Gothic shaped arch designed for the installation of all types of PV modules. Sfera, the largest hydroponic greenhouse in Italy, belongs to this category: it is located near Grosseto, in Tuscany, and is used to produce different types of vegetables, in particular tomatoes, salads and aromatic herbs. Sfera represents a surprising innovation in the field of greenhouse cultivation: it guarantees a productivity increase of more than 15 times and a water saving of 80-90% compared to open field cultivation.

STO Solar 

The STO Solar photovoltaic greenhouse is made of glass and has an opening on the roof that allows great ventilation and prevents the doors from creating shade on the photovoltaic panels. Thanks to its versatility, it is ideal for the installation of any type of system and can be used in agriculture but also in the floriculture sector.


The TEIA photovoltaic greenhouse is the most innovative solar greenhouse in the world: our design office has in fact created a special V-shaped arrangement of photovoltaic panels on the roof, which allow to store 25% more solar energy than a traditional photovoltaic greenhouse.

This is particularly useful if you want to use the greenhouse for agricultural production.

The photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses realized by Artigianfer

Artigianfer was a pioneer in photovoltaic technologies: ten years ago we were the first to introduce solar panels in the greenhouse sector, launching the first photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses on the Italian market.

Since then, we have made enormous progress in terms of technology and sustainability, signing projects all over the world.

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If you want more information about the photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses we realize, please contact us and we will answer all your questions and requests.

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