Combilux greenhouses: features and advantages
The first semi-closed Venlo greenhouse in Italy: our work for Fratelli Lapietra

Photovoltaic greenhouses:
the advantages of an eco-friendly solution

Photovoltaic greenhouses are special types of greenhouses that use solar energy to operate.

The word photovoltaic comes from the Greek word photos (light) and the adjective voltaic, referring to Alessandro Volta, commonly used to indicate electricity. Solar energy is one of the renewable sources on which much has been focused in recent years and Artigianfer immediately saw the possibilities in the greenhouse sector: after much research in the field, today we produce agricultural photovoltaic greenhouses for many of our customers who want efficiency, functionality and respect for the environment.

Solar energy at the service of agriculture with photovoltaic greenhouses

Solar energy can be used for many purposes, from the production of hot water to home heating, but not only. In the greenhouse sector, photovoltaic greenhouses have become an interesting reality for many farmers because they ensure perfect optimisation of energy costs and high efficiency. They are technological greenhouses with pitched roofs usually made of transparent glass or polyethylene film; solar panels are installed on the roof that will produce energy for all the activities, from air conditioning inside the photovoltaic greenhouse to irrigation.

The use of solar energy for greenhouses has several advantages for farmers: first of all, space is optimized because the surface for agricultural, horticultural or nursery farming activities will not be reduced in any way; there are also significant economic advantages because this type of technological greenhouse covers part of the costs of production in greenhouses and reduces the costs of ordinary management. Last but not least, it is an eco-friendly and non-polluting method.

Photovoltaic greenhouses by Artigianfer

About ten years ago, we pioneered the construction of eco-sustainable systems and were the first to enter the world of renewable energy with our photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses with integrated solar panels on the roof. Since then, our technical department has been constantly improving, looking for cutting-edge materials and systems. Thanks to this constant research and development work, today our photovoltaic greenhouses consume as few resources as possible and guarantee the highest production standards.


In this solar greenhouse, the photovoltaic panels on the roof are positioned in a particular V shape, as if they were the wings of a butterfly: in this way, they can store about 25% more solar energy than any other photovoltaic greenhouse.


A photovoltaic glass greenhouse, with an opening on the roof to ensure a large aeration and prevent the doors from shading the photovoltaic panels. Thanks to its particular construction, STO Solar allows to get great heights of the eaves while maintaining small size.