Philips led products
for horticulture

Artigianfer, leader in Italy and Europe in the construction of technological and photovoltaic greenhouses,
is the exclusive distributor of LED products for Philips horticulture in Italy.

Enter the future of cultivation techniques

With your customized LED system you can control the exact amount of light your crop needs. At any time..

The advantages of LED products for horticulture

With Philips LED horticultural products you will achieve maximum results and sustainability all year round.

LED technology is the most advanced in the field of horticulture, because it offers many advantages over conventional artificial light:

ore illuminazione

Increased hours of lighting


Production all year round


Reduced costs


Better product quality


A more sustainable growing process

(energy efficiency, low temperature emission, longer useful life of lamps...)

At Artigianfer, we study your crop and develop a customized LED lighting plan to help your company achieve maximum performance.

Why choose LED

Natural sunlight is the cheapest energy source, but it is not always available or sufficient. In addition, each plant also has a particular sensitivity to colors and the intensity of light.

Switching to LED lighting is one way to perfect your entire indoor grow system. With a customized LED lighting formula, you will get:

Artigianfer, the exclusive distributor of Philips LED products for horticulture in Italy, offers effective and easy-to-implement technology, as well as customized plans to modernize all types of crops.

With the help of companies like Artigianfer and Signify it is easy to innovate your crops and grow your project.

Don’t miss this chance!

Philips Led products for horticulture

Whatever your crop, you can improve it with these products, designed for different specific needs

Global Control System

Philips GrowWise

Control System

Philips GrowWise Control System is the global solution to manage all the previous tools. With this simple and user-friendly system, you will have perfect operational control over your customised lighting formula. It can be implemented in any crop system and is compatible with all Philips products.

Your customized LED lighting plan

We will help you adapt to the growing method of the future in 5 steps

Innovating your working method and improving performance is easier if you have reliable partners like Artigianfer and Signify by your side.

Here is the plan we put at your disposal:


The specialists of Artigianfer and Signify will study the specific needs and characteristics of your crop (for example fruit and vegetables, floriculture, urban gardens etc ...).


We will design a custom lighting formula, so you can get the best performance from your crop all year round in terms of growth, product quality, cost savings and sustainability.


As the official Signify authorized distributor in Italy for horticultural products, we will recommend the best products to achieve your goals.


We will install custom LED lighting on your grow site.


We make you a promise: we will make sure that the lighting formula really gives the results you need. Don't forget: we are always by your side. We will be in constant contact with you for any maintenance, improvement of your installation or simply to answer your questions.

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Philips LED products for horticulture.

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    Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, is the world leader in the lighting industry.

    The photos on this page were taken in the greenhouse made by Artigianfer for the Azienda Agricola F.lli Lapietra. The images show the installation of Philips lamps and lighting systems by Artigianfer.

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