Greenhouse & Technology

Technological industrial greenhouses

Artigianfer: tailor-made turnkey solutions

If Artigianfer technological industrial greenhouses are recognized worldwide as synonymous with efficiency and quality, it is thanks to the knowledge accumulated in over 50 years of experience in the field.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each sector and the specific requirements of each customer. We invest all our know-how and efforts in research to produce turnkey greenhouses according to the highest standards of quality and innovation.


Greenhouse & Technology: know-how & future

Innovation, overall vision of the project and customization are the strengths of Artigianfer. Our mission is to offer cutting-edge solutions, able to respond to the needs of today and the challenges for the future.

Our constant dedication to research and development has earned us important patents in the field of technological industrial greenhouses. Here are some of our patented solutions:

  • Photovoltaic greenhouse Teia, an innovative ecosystem where the type of arrangement of the panels on the roof produces more than 25% of electricity than a traditional photovoltaic greenhouse.
  • Combilux greenhouse, a flexible solution that can be equipped with a wide range of materials and can also be produced in a fully-opening version. Suitable for both farming greenhouse and garden center.
  • Shady greenhouse Smartlux, equipped with Fresnel mirror panels, capable of generating heat for protected crops.

The quality of Artigianfer in greenhouse construction is underlined by the ISO 9001 certification. Thanks to the internal production of each products, the costs are limited: in fact, it is the only company in Italy to be recognised as a Qualified Processing Centre.

Today our company can count on a specialized staff with a high level professional background. We are a great team which completes its knowledge by collaborating with external professionals such as engineering firms, designers, agronomists, universities and energy companies. This is because we want to be the manufacturers of the best technological industrial greenhouses.