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Hydroponic cultivation: an answer to drought and climate change

Hydroponic cultivation is a practical answer to the drought we face. Here's what you need to know.

Eco-greenhouses: how to reduce environmental impact

Eco-greenhouses are the new challenge to reduce pollution and waste. Here are our solutions.

Myplant & Garden 2022

Myplant & Garden is the most important b2b fair in Italy for horticulture, landscape and garden: products, ideas and solutions for the whole green industry. In […]

Artigianfer: leader in Europe in the field of greenhouses for hemp cultivation

We are leaders in Europe in the field of construction of greenhouses for hemp cultivation. Here's what we do.

Hemp cultivation in greenhouses: what you need to know

Growing hemp in greenhouses allows for great results. Here's everything you need to know.

Hemp cultivation:
why it is worth investing

The cultivation of hemp is a great investment for productivity and sustainability. What can be produced from hemp? And why invest?

Climate control in agricultural greenhouses: here are the best solutions

Climate control in agricultural greenhouses is a critically important parameter. Here are the best solutions currently available.

Greenhouse nursery gardening: from cultivation to sale

The nursery gardening can be practiced in special glass or plastic greenhouses. From cultivation to sale, here is what you need to know.

Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses: all you need to know

What are photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses? What are their advantages? What do they allow to grow? Let's find out everything!

Garden center greenhouses: opportunities and uses

Greenhouses garden centers are structures with a great aesthetic impact, which offer many opportunities and uses: let's find out together what they are

Garden Center: what they are and how to build

You often hear about them, but what exactly are garden centers? With what materials can they be built? Which sizes? Let's find out!

Guide to horticulture greenhouses: what they are and what they are for

Horticultural greenhouses allow you to grow vegetables of all kinds. There are many types, each for a different purpose: here is our guide.

Hydroponic crops: which vegetables to grow?

Hydroponic crops ensure high sustainability and allow different types of vegetables to be grown. These are the best for a hydroponic greenhouse.

Our fully openable Combilux greenhouse for Garden Ghisa

Combilux greenhouses patented by Artigianfer are fully openable. Here is our project realized for Garden Ghisa: discover every detail

Fruitlogistica 2020

8 - 10 Maggio 2019 Rimini Expo Centre

Farming greenhouses: our ultimate guide

Farming greenhouses are essential for growing vegetables and plants in a favourable environment. That's all there is to know.

Cultivate with the hydroponic system: which are the benefits

Do you want to know more about hydroponic system? In this article Artigianfer experts present to you how it works and the benefits.

Greenhouses for farming and nursery: what they are and all the typologies

The cultivation of plants and flowers requires specific greenhouses for farming and nursery. What are the different types and how to choose?