Alternative Energy

Greenhouse and alternative energy

Photovoltaic and hydroponic greenhouses and biomass systems.

Today Artigianfer is a worldwide key player in the use of eco-friendly technologies aimed at energy self-sufficiency. For the past ten years we have invested in the field of solar energy and alternative energy sources for greenhouses.

We have created energy self-sufficient products and even producers of energy, through the installation of photovoltaic panels on our structures. Artiganfer has built photovoltaic greenhouses all over the world, using the solar energy collected by the iroof panels to power all the greenhouse processes: this means that each greenhouse is energy self-sufficient.

We have produced the first hydroponic photovoltaic greenhouses, the ultimate in sustainability. They not only use solar energy to power themselves, but also allow the cultivation above ground. Plants grow in an inert solution with water and nutrients, with a remarkable optimization of water consumption and fertilizers.

The company is also starting to produce energy with biomass cogeneration systems. In this way we can burn the agricultural waste, transforming it into clean energy to be reused in greenhouses.

Greenhouses systems
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