Industrial greenhouse construction

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Artigianfer is an international leader and partner of excellence in the design and construction of highly technological and professional industrial greenhouses. Our agricultural greenhouses for horticulture and nursery gardening are able to satisfy all customer needs. We take care of the whole process with turnkey solutions: from design to delivery of the finished structure fully equipped.


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Greenhouse farming solutions and beyond

Artigianfer is the answer to current and upcoming enclosed farming demand. We produce the largest greenhouse solution range in Europe to meet our clientele needs, by designing and delivering made-to-measure structures for any purpose, from farming to commercial use. Equipped with cutting-edge systems, the Artigianfer professional greenhouses are tailored for any industry.

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We’ve been creating turnkey industrial greenhouses for over 30 years. We cover the full project taking care of design, engineering, construction, plan systems and equipment.
A highly skilled team will take in charge your project from and guide you till the realization and testing. We also offer technical and agronomic advice through industry experts.

LED solutions for your greenhouse

Choose LED lighting for your hydroponic greenhouse: it is the most advanced, economical, sustainable and productive solution on the market.

Artigianfer, the exclusive distributor of Philips LED products for horticulture in Italy, guarantees cutting-edge technology and customized solutions to modernize your greenhouse.

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Over 50 years of history

Artigianfer was founded in Italy in 1966. Since then our family has been dedicated to greenhouse construction for three generations, now.

From the first artisan layout, the business has become European market leader in the design and construction of professional greenhouses.

Every year we produce up to 150 hectares of technological greenhouses: a real witness of innovation and excellence.


Research and development

From the very beginning, Artigianfer cultivates the belief that research and development are key factors to success. We will never stop developing cutting-edge solutions, testing revolutionary materials and forefront applications. Over the years, we have developed disruptive patented solutions and pioneered the European market of photovoltaic greenhouses.