Research & Development

New technologies for greenhouses

Artigianfer research and development

Research and development are a key point in the philosophy of Artigianfer. Our company has always looked to the future, keeping up with the times. It has created increasingly complex technological greenhouses and produced them with materials that are constantly at the forefront.

Renewable Energy

We were the first to believe in the potential of renewable energy by creating the first photovoltaic greenhouse in Italy. Today we are a leader in the sector with 400 hectares of photovoltaic greenhouses around the world.

We are producers of hydroponic greenhouses for above ground crops, guaranteeing farmers great savings of water and fertilizers.

All our greenhouses are equipped with the latest generation of climate and water control systems, built to be energy self-sufficient but at the same time capable of guaranteeing maximum productivity.

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Our commitment to innovation does not stop there. Artigianfer is launching the F-Clean roof on the Multispan and Multichapelle greenhouses, the only one in Europe to do so: it is a completely innovative type of roofing. This type of plastic is better than traditional polyethylene and can withstand 20 years without intervention, with excellent results also in terms of light transmission.

The company is also specializing in the production of energy with biomass systems that will burn the agricultural waste: from these, the biomass system can obtain energy to be reused in greenhouses.

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