Garden Center

Garden center design and construction

Special systems, Artigianfer technological solutions

Thanks to its specialist know-ho, Artigianfer can provide answers for every need, even when it comes to special structures. Our company, in fact, is a global leader in garden center design and construction, real nursery centers where plants, flowers and gardening tools are sold.

Over the years, Artigianfer has already linked its name to the construction of important garden centres and other special structures in Italy and abroad.

The structures and equipment of our garden centers are designed and built in every detail by our company, tailored to the needs of the customers. Once understood the type of greenery to be set up in the garden center and decided about the spaces, Artigianfer realizes the covers choosing the most suitable between glass or plastic greenhouses.

The ones we create are real high-tech showrooms, where we can ensure the ideal bioclimate for the coexistence of plants and people. Through computerized systems, we are able to manage the lighting, heating, cooling, shading and irrigation systems inside the garden center. Moreover, our fixed and mobile pallets allow us to guarantee the best exposure for each type of plant.