Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic greenhouses and eco-sustainability

Renewable energy, Artigianfer technological solutions

Artigianfer has pioneered eco-friendly constructions, aimed at achieving energy self-sufficiency.

Ten years ago we were the first to enter the world of renewable energy, launching on the Italian market the first agricultural photovoltaic greenhouses with roof-integrated solar panels. Since then, our eco-friendly production has grown all over the world, developing a wide range of innovative solutions to meet the demands of the photovoltaic market.

We have also introduced the first hydroponic photovoltaic greenhouses, the pinnacle of sustainability. These greenhouses not only use solar energy to power themselves, but also allow the growth of plants above ground saving a lot of water and soil.

Our technical department collaborates with experts in photovoltaic systems, agronomists and specialists to always obtain efficient greenhouses with maximum technical and economic results. Our professional photovoltaic greenhouses Termolux Solar, Teia, STO Solar and SFC Solar have been built with this in mind. They use cutting-edge materials and systems, consuming as few resources as possible while still guaranteeing the highest production standards.

Artigianfer’s commitment to photovoltaics is also aimed at the construction of ground photovoltaic parks  with no environmental impact, as well as the construction of photovoltaic roofs with multiple uses.

TEIA Greenhouse

The Teia greenhouse has been designed to go beyond the traditional solar greenhouse. Our design office has studied a particular arrangement of the photovoltaic roof panels, which can be positioned in a V shape similar to the wings of a butterfly. They are arranged in a position that allow themselves to store about 25% more solar energy than a traditional photovoltaic greenhouse.


STO Solar

STO Solar is a photovoltaic glass greenhouse built with a flat beam supporting structure and a small pitched roof. The opening on the roof has been designed to allow a large aeration and prevent the doors from shading the photovoltaic panels. STO Solar is ideal for any type of system and allows to get great heights of the eaves while maintaining small size.