Hydroponic greenhouses:
our range of products

Are you thinking of building a hydroponic greenhouse?

Artigianfer, one the european leading company in the sector, after realizing the largest hydroponic greenhouse in Italy - the Sfera project - has studied new solutions to meet every need.

Choose the solution that's right for you:
we provide selected options to meet your space and business project needs. And remember, all our greenhouses are feasible with turnkey projects.

Training Greenhouse

Available sizes: 1.000 sqm e 2.000 sqm (total greenhouse area)

Who is it meant for? For those who don’t have significant cultivation experiences and are approaching hydroponic cultivation for the first time.

Medium Greenhouse

Available sizes: 5.000 sqm (total greenhouse area)

Who is it meant for? For companies that already carry out cultivation activities and who want to carry out a structured project in the field of hydroponic cultivation.

Advanced Greenhouse

Available sizes: 10.000 sqm (total greenhouse area)

Who is it meant for? For builders and structured companies, who need advanced productivity to compete on the market. This is the type of greenhouse created for the Sfera project.

Do you have a bigger project in mind?

The products we have presented to you are standard solutions, designed for specific demands. We know, however, that you may also have different needs. In this case, don't worry, we can still help you.

Extra-Large Greenhouses

Artigianfer has the know-how and technologies to build hydroponic greenhouses larger than 10.000 sqm.

If you want to carry out a similar project contact us: we will discuss your needs and find the most efficient solution for you.

Do you want more information or a quote?

LED solutions for your greenhouse

Choose LED lighting for your hydroponic greenhouse: it is the most advanced, economical, sustainable and productive solution on the market.

Artigianfer, the exclusive distributor of Philips LED products for horticulture in Italy, guarantees cutting-edge technology and customized solutions to modernize your greenhouse.

Click here to find out all the details about LED systems

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