Climate Control

Greenhouse climate control

Artigianfer systems and modern technologies

Greenhouse climate control is fundamental to obtain the maximum result in terms of quantity and quality of the cultivation. This is the reason why Artigianfer equips all its greenhouses with the most modern technological systems for the automated control of the climate, recreating the natural bioclimate for each type of cultivation.

Greenhouse heating systems

To obtain the best possible agronomic results, it is important that the greenhouses are heated with care. For this reason, our technical department studies and designs heating systems analysing all the geographical and agronomic parameters that determine the customers needs. Each Artigianfer greenhouse is heated by automated heating systems, made using the most modern techniques also in terms of energy efficiency.

Greenhouse Cooling Systems

Cooling greenhouses is essential in all areas of the world where too high a temperature would put crops at risk. So our company, working for more than 35 years in the Middle East and North Africa, has also gained experience in the creation of the most sophisticated and modern techniques for the construction of advanced greenhouse cooling systems.

Cooling System

Through the use of the latest generation of fans and cooling panels, generally positioned on the sides of greenhouses, we are able to filter the air coming from outside and lower the temperature. The cooled air is diffused inside the greenhouses and kept constant throughout the day by our computerized systems.

Fog System

Another system used by our company to humidify greenhouses is the use of high and low pressure fog-systems. These are nebulisation systems placed in suspension on the cultivations and capable, at regular intervals, of cooling the environment by jets of nebulised water. The humidity is uniformly distributed and controlled over the entire surface.

Shading and insulation

Certain types of crops need the day/night cycles or less exposure to sunlight during the day. Artigianfer is also capable of providing effective solutions equipping its greenhouses with black-out and shading screens. The latter can also be made of insulating material in order to keep the heat inside the greenhouses during the day.

Climate Computer

All processes in the greenhouse can be managed with precision and in full autonomy by the farmer, with advanced automation systems. This is done thanks to the computerized systems with Artigianfer uses to equip each greenhouse: the climate computers allow our customers to manage with a few clicks all the systems and supervise all the climatic parameters. In this way, they constantly check if the trend of the cultures is in line with their cultivation strategies.

Greenhouses systems
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