Greenhouse nursery gardening: from cultivation to sale

The nursery gardening can be practiced in special glass or plastic greenhouses. From cultivation to sale, here is what you need to know.

Garden center greenhouses: opportunities and uses

Greenhouses garden centers are structures with a great aesthetic impact, which offer many opportunities and uses: let's find out together what they are

Garden Center: what they are and how to build

You often hear about them, but what exactly are garden centers? With what materials can they be built? Which sizes? Let's find out!

Our fully openable Combilux greenhouse for Garden Ghisa

Combilux greenhouses patented by Artigianfer are fully openable. Here is our project realized for Garden Ghisa: discover every detail

Combilux greenhouses: features and advantages

Combilux greenhouses are flexible and innovative, suitable for many uses. Here are the features, the advantages and a concrete example of Combilux greenhouses