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Guide to horticulture greenhouses:
what they are and what they are for

Horticultural greenhouses provide protection for crops and vegetables of all kinds in all seasons of the year and in all weather conditions. Today different types are produced and, thanks to increasingly advanced research, we are moving in the direction of systems and structures that guarantee environmental sustainability and energy saving.

In this guide we discover which are the types of greenhouses for horticulture and we see some examples of works made by Artigianfer.

Horticulture plastic greenhouses

Plastic greenhouses for horticulture are the most common because they have several advantages.

All this, ensuring excellent results in terms of brightness, an essential factor when talking about greenhouses for horticulture.

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Glass greenhouses for horticulture

The first greenhouses, which date back to the 18th century, were made of glass: they were buildings with large glass surfaces and colonnades that supported them; initially the use was aimed at the growth of plants and, later, vegetables.

Today glass greenhouses are considered the best for horticulture. In fact, glassy materials ensure excellent resistance and last for a long time without the need for great maintenance. In addition, they are versatile: they can be equipped with any type of system and lend themselves to accommodate all types of vegetables and protected crops.

Thanks to the research carried out in this sector, Artigianfer produces highly technological glass greenhouses for horticulture.


Horticulture greenhouses: the systems

Horticultural greenhouses are structures that must guarantee perfect climatic conditions for the growth of protected vegetables and crops. We are not only talking about temperature, but also about humidity, light, air exchange and many other characteristics that can be kept under control and managed thanks to modern systems

Horticultural greenhouses must become a real ecosystem, which is as efficient and productive as possible and which allows to obtain the best result with minimum use of water and energy resources.

Thanks to increasingly advanced computerized systems, today's horticultural greenhouses allow to manage every process with precision and in an automated way.

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Our projects: the horticultural greenhouses that we have realized

Combining efficiency, technology and eco-sustainability, the greenhouses for horticulture realized by Artigianfer are made with different types of material and equipped with advanced systems. We have created turnkey greenhouses projects that are customized in detail, according to the needs of the customers and the type of cultivation that they would have to host.

Here are some of our latest projects.

Artigianfer has made research in the field of horticultural greenhouses one of his strengths. We are able to realize any type of greenhouse outlining its characteristics, from the material to the type of system, according to the specific needs of each activity and type of cultivation.

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