Hemp cultivation in greenhouses: what you need to know
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Artigianfer: leader in Europe in the field of
greenhouses for hemp cultivation

Hemp cultivation is a fast-growing sector because it offers great potential: we've already talked about why it's a great investment and also how growing hemp in a greenhouse is more advantageous than growing it outdoors.

Artigianfer has invested a lot in research and development of more and more technological agricultural greenhouses, to meet the needs of today's growers. In fact, we are leaders in Europe in the construction of greenhouses for hemp cultivation.

Greenhouses for hemp cultivation:
why choose Artigianfer

Greenhouses already built

In recent years the industrial hemp cultivation in greenhouses has gained more and more space. Numerous companies have turned to us to build greenhouses for hemp cultivation, not only in Italy, but in all Mediterranean countries: for them we have realized and are currently working on important projects for the construction of greenhouses for the cultivation of hemp.

European leaders in the field of agricultural and technological greenhouses

Artigianfer has been operating in the greenhouse construction sector for over 60 years and in all this time we have worked with realities from all over the world. What characterizes us is our focus on renewable energy and technological innovation.

Thanks to our research and development department, we were the first to build a photovoltaic greenhouse in Europe and recently we have built the largest hydroponic greenhouse in Italy, the Sfera greenhouse, the perfect combination of technology and sustainability.

Today we produce innovative agricultural greenhouses for companies in many different countries, always looking to the future and to the most advanced technologies.

Turnkey projects

Any project we realize is built and studied according to the real needs of our customer: we do not have standardized products but only and exclusively customized greenhouses in materials, sizes and systems. Only in this way we can be sure to offer to each customer what he really needs.

We take care of every aspect of greenhouse design and construction, from the beginning of the project to the delivery of the finished work ready to be put into operation. In addition, we have a network of reliable suppliers that we have been working with for a long time and can count on: you don't have to worry about this.

Systems and technologies

The systems that characterize our greenhouses are all built according to the latest generation standards: the control of temperature, humidity and light, all fundamental factors when it comes to build greenhouses for hemp cultivation, are easily manageable through high-precision computerized systems. 

Artigianfer provides for the autonomous realization of all the systems necessary for the greenhouse, making use of a specialized know-how matured in many years of work in the field. Managing agricultural greenhouses becomes extremely simple and accurate thanks to the innovative climatic computers.

Made in Italy quality

The story of Artigianfer is an Italian story, since 1966. 

Although we work with companies from all over the world, we are 100% Italian and all production takes place directly in our factory in Santa Lucia Uzzanese, in the heart of Tuscany.

We proudly bring our Made in Italy hydroponic, agricultural and technological greenhouses to the world.

If you would like to receive a custom quote for a greenhouse project for hemp cultivation, please contact us.

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