Hemp cultivation: why it is worth investing
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What to know about
hemp cultivation in greenhouses

Hemp is an extremely versatile and productive plant that can be used in an infinite number of ways. Currently investing in hemp cultivation is therefore a great idea: we recently talked about it in an article

But why choose hemp cultivation in greenhouses instead of outdoors? Let's find out!

Reasons to choose greenhouse

Hemp cultivation in greenhouses is a choice that brings with it many advantages, as evidenced by the fact that it is a growing sector: the use of greenhouses has contributed, in recent years, to the development and expansion of this market.

With indoor cultivation it is possible to regulate flowering times thanks to the precise control of lighting, humidity and temperature: by reproducing the ideal climatic conditions for plant growth, a higher quality product is obtained in a shorter time. Moreover, risks are minimized even in the most critical seasons.

But how does the legal hemp cultivation take place in a greenhouse? Which parameters should be monitored and managed with more attention? How to grow hemp in a greenhouse in the best possible way?

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How to grow hemp in a greenhouse

Hemp cultivation in a greenhouse is therefore extremely advantageous, provided that all parameters are set correctly and constantly monitored so that the climatic conditions are suitable for hemp growth.


The first thing to evaluate is space. 

The size of the greenhouse depends on the space available but also on the objective: for the hemp cultivation at an industrial level, a large greenhouse with a structure that develops well in height is necessary.

Moreover, it is important to structure the internal environment in such a way as to facilitate the flow of operators: they must be able to move around and work easily, without finding obstacles.

Building a custom-made greenhouse instead of buying a standard one is certainly the best solution because it can be customized according to space and work requirements.


Lighting plays a key role in the hemp cultivation and is one of the reasons why outdoor cultivation has been favored for years: hemp plants need a lot of light to grow well and artificial lighting was too expensive for most growers.

Artigianfer has developed sustainable solutions that allow us to light even large greenhouses without excessive electricity costs.

We can also maximize natural light with shading systems

The combination of these two sources of lighting allows you to get the most out of your plants.


Water management also plays an essential role in hemp cultivation in greenhouses.

In fact, hemp is a plant that has a high water requirement but, at the same time, it is important to avoid an excess of water that could be harmful and compromise growth. Thanks to the new computerized systems it is possible to provide the right amount of water when the plants need it, always keeping control of irrigation.


A greenhouse set up for hemp cultivation must necessarily be equipped with a humidity management system.

Humidity must be very high in the seedling growth phase, while it must be lower in the flowering and drying phases. This is why it is essential to have a system that makes humidity management in the greenhouse easy and intuitive, with the possibility of change parameters according to the growth phase of the plants.


Airflow within the greenhouse can be managed and channeled through heating and cooling systems. In order to keep plants healthy and promote growth, it is important that air currents are optimized and consistently located. Insufficient airflow may adversely affect plant growth and cause problems.

Heating and cooling systems should also be managed in synergy with the outdoor climate, perhaps by setting up an automated opening system.

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Who to contact to build the greenhouse

Artigianfer takes care of building professional greenhouses tailored to every type of cultivation, including hemp.

Thanks to the innovative climate control systems, it is easy to have everything under control and each grower can independently manage light, humidity, temperature and air settings.

In order to build the ideal greenhouse, first we have to know the customer's needs, the conditions of the surrounding environment and the goals he wants to achieve: in this way we can advise each customer on the most suitable system to get the most out of growing hemp in a greenhouse.

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